How to Find Vehicle Owner Details Using Vehicle Number


How to Find Vehicle Owner Details Using Vehicle Number

Mparivahan App For Vehicle Owner Details

Download   M-parivahan   App For   Vehicle   Owner   Details  Full details:  Official  App  Of  RTO 

         Do you want to find out the information about the vehicle’s owner by using its registration number? The registration number of any vehicle is printed on its number plate. If anything goes wrong, you can note down the number to track the vehicle owner.

     Finding the vehicle owner details by using vehicle number is pretty simple. There are mobile apps which you can use for this task. Apart from that, you can also use an online website and SMS service. We have shared all these methods in this tutorial. Let’s jump to the first one!

1. Know vehicle information using mParivahan app

mParivahan is the official government app in which you can know any vehicle information just by entering the plate number of the vehicle. Apart from that, you can also find DL (driving license) and challan information in this app.

1.     Install and open the mParivahan app on your Android phone. You can download it from Google Play Store.

2.     Skip the introduction part and then choose your language. There are two languages in it: English and Hindi.

3.     When you enter the app, move to the RC Dashboard page and then type the vehicle registration number whose information you want to find out. Tap the search button after that.

4.     Now you will find all details of the vehicle such as vehicle owner name, registering authority, vehicle class, fuel type, vehicle age, registration date, insurance validity, and more.

       1- Owner Name

2- Registration date

3- Registering Authority

4- Make Model

5- Fuel Type

6- Vehicle Age

7- Vehicle class

8- Insurance Validity 

9- Fitness Validity

All   this   information   will  be  displayed   in details. 

The   main  benefits  of  this  app    are –

1. “Find   details  of  any  parked,  accidental or   theft   vehicle  by   just  entering the registration   number.”

2. “Verify   your   car  registration   details.”

3. “Verify   details   of  a   second-hand  /.  vehicle.”

4. “If   you   want   to   buy  a   second-hand car   you   can   verify   the   age   and   registration   details.

You can also check the challan of the vehicle by clicking the View Challan button on the screen. If you have searched your own vehicle, you can create its virtual RC in the app. For that, you will need to login with your registered mobile number.

Another app which you can use as an alternative to the mParivahan app is RTO Vehicle Information. This app is also available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

2. Find vehicle owner details online using Vahan website

There is an official government website named VAHAN where you can check the vehicle RC details online. This is one of the easiest ways as you can don’t have to install any app on your phone. Moreover, it will work on any device – including iPhone, Android, or your computer/PC.

Simply, open Google Chrome or any other browser on your phone/computer and visit the Vehicle Registration Status page on the website. After that, enter the vehicle number and verification code (as displayed on the screen). Then tap the Search Vehicle button.



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