Online Varsai (ઓનલાઈન વારસાઈ)


 Online Varsai (ઓનલાઈન વારસાઈ)

    When an account holder dies, it is necessary to enter the names of his heirs in his land, so that the names of the heirs of a deceased person are entered. In which details like reading letter, death certificate, land extract etc. are required. Online Varsai Gujarat –


    Land records are being maintained for various purposes including levy and collection of various taxes and land revenue, which was the principal source of revenue for the states. Cadastral survey was completed in the year 1960 for the entire state. This survey served as the basis of the land records. Transfer and changeover take place over lands due to Sale, Inheritance, Hier, and Distribution etc. Online Varsai Gujarat (ઓનલાઈન વારસાઈ) –[Apply Online]

    The state government has decided to make the revenue service online so that any account holder can apply for change of land inheritance at home. Only necessary grounds are taken from farmers to apply which should be submitted at e-Dhara. The decision that the land owner could easily inherit was taken by the revenue.

    Changeovers / Mutations are brought in records by way of updating the land records by computerized web application – Web-Bhulekh at E-Dhara Centre of all Mamlatdar Offices. Record of Rights – ROR copy is also available at EGram Centre of each village and EDhara Centre of Mamlatdar Office.

I-mojani Gujarat Process Step By Step.

Post Name-Jamin Mapani Online

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State Neme – Gujarat

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IORA Gujarat Jamin Mapani Online Application 2021

Previously, one had to apply for offline DILR (District Inspector Land Record) office for land survey. Now, the government has measured the work online within the stipulated time frame so that millions of farmers in the state will directly benefit.

ü  This announcement has been made by the revenue department today by the order of the governor. In which two important circulars have been issued. We will discuss the highlights and important points of the circular which are farmer oriented.

ü  Applicants will now be able to make land survey applications online from the iORA portal.

ü  The office of land registry department will have to dispose through i Mojani application.

ü  Applicant on iORA portal only has to apply online. In which an automatic application form will be generated.

     ü  You can apply online from Gram Panchayat VCE or DLR office by going to the helpdesk.

     ü  Measurement can be done in two ways (days after payment receipt)

     ü  Simple measurement (which will be disposed of in 60 days)

     ü  Urgent measurement (which will be disposed of in 30 days)

     ü  Consent sheet of area, quadrant, etc. in the measurement of shareholder’s share which has to be



printed on the affidavit generated in the system and notarized and uploaded on the portal. Those who do not upload will have their fees forfeited.

The measuring fee for each application will be generated from the system on the online iORA portal. Which will have to be paid online.

Surveyor will inform the applicant by e-mail and SMS when he comes to measure.

Online Varsai Gujarat on iORA – Integrated Online Revenue Applications Steps 2021

1.  First go to i-ORA portal of the Department of Consumer Affairs to make a new application.

2.  “Click on” ONLINE APPLICATIONS “in the menu on the main page of the i-ORA Portal, or click on the one you want to apply to from the different killings mentioned on the main page.

3.  Select the application and type of application.

4.  Select the District, taluka and village to apply to the district, district and district survey numbers. Note: – If there is more than one surveyor, apply for the survey number separately.

5.  Enter the applicant’s mobile number and – mail.

6.  Read the SynchPassword code displayed on the screen and enter it in the following textbox.

7.  If you do not read the captcha code, click on “Refresh Code” so that the new captcha code appears on the screen.

8.  After entering the captcha code, click on “Generate OTP”. Generating OTP will provide different verification code to the applicant’s mobile number and – mail.

9.  Enter the mobile number and – the different verification code found on the mail – by typing in the checkboxes next to ‘Mail’ and click “Submit”.

10.   Click Click “Submit” followed by the prompt to fill in the application details.

11.   Enter the exact details of the application.


Issue of ROR IORA – Gujarat State Portal

The Talati issues new 7/12, a copy of 8A, the khata and form six entries to the applicant on demand

Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) Document anyror :

Online Varsai Gujarat (ઓનલાઈન વારસાઈ) Online Varsai Gujarat on iORA – Integrated Online Revenue Applications land mutation refers to the registration of the name of the property owner in the Record of Right (7/12 or 8A), i.e. the process of transferring the title ownership of property or land from one person to another.

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